itel Latest VISION 3 Series Surprised in Thailand! Fast-charging Smartphones Open a New Era

On August 15, itel VISION 3 Series featuring “Charge Faster Run Further” was officially launched in Thailand. VISION 3 Series, itel’s first fast-charging smartphone, is largely viewed as itel’s best chance to dominate the Southeast Asian market in 2022. Facts have proved that VISION 3 Series has lived up to expectations, being popular since its debut in the Philippines and Indonesia in March.

VISION 3 Series has two versions, Vision 3 and Vision 3 Plus, mainly known as the first 18W fast charge smartphone of itel. 10 minutes’ charge can support 3 hours’ talk, and full battery needs no more than 150 minutes. Its massive memory of 64GB ROM+4GB RAM and the Octa Core A55 and 1.6GHz processor allow users to enjoy smooth operating experience.

Packed with a mega battery that ensures a long-lasting entertainment experience, V3’s 5000mAh battery has a 23-day standby time while V3 Plus’s 6000mAh battery prolongs the standby time to 34 days. As for cameras, the front 5MP camera can meet the needs of selfies, and the back dual high-definition lens, 8MP for V3 and 13MP for V3 Plus, supports AI beautification, panorama, portrait, low light and HDR modes. In appearance, V3 boasts a 1612*720 HD+6.6-inch Waterdrop display and V3 Plus a 1612*720 HD+6.8-inch Waterdrop display, provide users a clearer field of vision.

Although itel VISION 3 Series is the only fast-charging smartphone of its price, itel provides extremely high specifications and practical functions. The fast-charging performance comes from the pain point itel found in the SA market. Whether in Thailand, Indonesia or the Philippines, there are numerous consumers appealing for watching videos and listening to music longer. itel solved the pain point and successfully opened a new era of cost-effective fast charging. With its cost-effective performance to quickly seize the market, coupled with the high quality, the VISION 3 Series has gained a continuous good reputation.

Since its establishment over ten years ago, itel has taken “Enjoy Better Life” as its brand concept, being committed to providing thousands of households with high-quality and affordable electronic products. The VISION 3 Series has a stylish and flagship design with multiple colors available – green, sky blue and deep ocean black. The metal stripe design also brings an excellent sensory experience. Buy itel VISION 3 Series now and embrace a better life!